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Cooling Services

Air Conditioning for Hamilton and the Surrounding Areas


Don't wait until the temperature spikes to have your cooling system serviced or to have air conditioning finally installed in your home. Our team of professionals at HTR Services can get your old unit running like new or replace your existing unit. Our trained technicians have years of experience servicing a wide range of brands that you trust, and when it's time for a new unit, we will be there to install a new air conditioning system.

Signs your Air Conditioning unit needs Service

Air conditioning problems always seems to occur at the most inconvenient time. Often, it is during an extremely balmy day that the faulty or old cooling system is pushed beyond its capabilities. Having a properly working air conditioner is important to your family's comfort and health, and it is easily handled with regular at maintenance.

#1  Air Conditioning System is Blowing Out Warm Air

Nobody purchases an air conditioning unit so it could sit and do nothing but look cool. An air conditioner has a specific job to do, and that is to keep your family cool during the summer months. During the most miserable months of the year, you need an air conditioner that functions properly.

#2  Thermostat is Not Working

Your AC thermostat is the command center of the system. The thermostat communicates with the air conditioning unit, letting it know the amount of cold air it must generate. Also, it takes measurements to ensure it is doing its job. If your air conditioner runs for small periods of time prior to shutting off, or never shutting off, this can also indicate that the thermostat is not determining correctly if the system is operating or not.

#3  Little Air Blows Out of Vents

Similar to the warm air problem is an issue with weak airflow. You may feel cool air when you turn on your air conditioning unit, but it is coming out very weak making it impossible to circulate the room. In many cases, this indicates a failing compressor, but it may also be a sign there is a problem with the ducts. Due to the uncertainty of the issue, it is best to call a professional for a tune-up.

#4  Loud Noises Inside of the Air Conditioning Unit

While the AC unit is on, if you hear grinding, squealing or scraping, a problem with a belt moving out of place may be occurring inside the unit.

#5  Strange Odor When AC Turns On

An air conditioner is not supposed to smell bad. In this situation, a strong smell may indicate a burned-out wire inside the unit, while a musty smell may indicate there is mold inside the unit or the ductwork. 

#6  Not Enough Humidity Removed by the Air Conditioner

One of the jobs of an air conditioner is reducing the amount of humidity inside your house. Even in low humidity climate, the air maintains a small amount of moisture. If you begin to notice some humidity inside of your house while the air conditioner is running, the unit may need repair.

#7  Problems with the AC are Occurring More Often

If your unit has needed AC repair service at least three or four times over a few months' time, it is time to purchase a new one and forget about more repairs.

#8  Refrigerant or Water Leaks Around Air Conditioning Unit

Any moisture leaking in or around your air conditioning unit is a problem. This can be an indication of a refrigerant leak. Due to refrigerant being poisonous, contact a professional immediately. However, in less serious cases, this moisture may be water from a broken or blocked tube that disposes of condensation. This issue may exhibit itself in more than one way. In some cases, you will notice water leaking out of the HVAC system; while other times, ice may develop inside your A/C unit on the copper refrigerant lines located outside the condenser.

#9  Rising or High Electric Bill

Another indication that your AC system is in need of replacement or repair is an energy bill that quickly rises up without extra usage. The cause of this problem may be one of many things including a broken thermostat switch, leaks in your ductwork, or the age of your air conditioning unit.

#10  AC Lifespan is Over

If your air conditioning unit is at least ten years old, you should be thankful it lasted this long and begin shopping around for a new unit. Air conditioners generally do not last more than a decade. These signs are useful reminders of how to quickly recognize a problem, and in many cases, help avoid an HVAC unit replacement altogether. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during the summer months takes many properly functioning mechanics.


Do we service your area?

HTR Services is pleased to offer reliable service to property management and homeowners throughout Hamilton, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

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