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Serving Hamilton and the Surrounding Areas

With our years of experience serving the Hamilton area, HTR Services is a trusted HVAC company that's happy to help you with your heating system repairs, maintenance, or installation. When your home heating unit is down, you want a fast response and satisfactory results. You can rest assured that our team of licensed professionals will have you toasty again in no time.

Heating Services


Signs your heating system is in need of service

As temperatures drop, your heating system works to keep you and your family warm. Especially cold temperatures or long winters can take a toll on you your heating system. The last thing you want is to walk into a freezing cold home.

#1  Funny Smells

When you first turn on your heating system, you may smell an odor. It could be dust burning off in the ducts, which is normal. If the smell dissipates after a few hours, it’s most likely not a cause for concern. If the odd, burning smell doesn’t go away, it could be a sign of a major problem needing repair, like a broken electrical or mechanical part. Damaged parts usually smell like burning plastic or rubber.

#2  Banging, Clanking or Screeching Noises

If your furnace is making screeching noises, it may be a warning of problems to come. Most furnaces make small noises, but if you hear anything loud or unusual, it is time to call in a professional.

#3  Cold Spots

The heat is on, but you notice cold spots - areas where the heat doesn't seem to reach very well. Once you check to make sure all of your ducts are open, and you still feel cold in area, this is sign your furnace isn't heating efficiently.

#4  Rise in Energy Bills

Once your furnace is in use, if you see a big jump in costs, it may be your HVAC system not working properly. It can also mean your heating system has aged to the point where it can no longer handle the load.

In autumn and winter, a working furnace is a critical element in maintaining a safe, healthy, and comfortable indoor environment. Our commitment to service is demonstrated by our continuous investment in manpower, training, equipment, and vehicles. We understand how frustrating it is to experience an equipment breakdown when a contractor is not available.  At HTR Services, our policy is to respond quickly to every service inquiry, and we work diligently to address each repair job in a timely manner.

Heating Replacement

We encourage our clients to consider a few factors when shopping for a furnace replacement.

Energy Efficiency

You can first tell if your unit needs to be replaced by its age. The typical lifespan of a HVAC unit is 10-15 years. A major disadvantage of older units is they are not nearly as energy efficient as newer units. This inefficiency is due to the technological advances. If you invest in a new system, the cost that you spend in decreased energy bills may quickly offset the cost of a new furnace.  

Energy Costs

One of the best indicators that your system may need replacing: a sharp increase in your energy bills. If you notice your gas or electric bill have been increasing in the recent years, it may not be solely due to the energy costs. As your unit ages, it loses the ability to operate efficiently and will end up costing you more.

Maintenance Costs

If you regularly have service done on your unit, you may notice that the costs increase little by little each year. If at any time the costs sharply rise, it is time to start looking for a new unit. Maintenance costs are a clear indicator that it is taking more and more to keep your unit running.


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Do we service your area?

HTR Services is pleased to offer reliable service to property management and homeowners throughout Hamilton, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

Heating Repair

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